It is no news right now that money has left the industrial world and now in the internet, this great shift of course comes with it’s consequences, as much as the world is going digital, criminals are also going digital too making the cyber space unsafe and dangerous, only the strong and informed will stand. One prevailing crime right now is cyber crime and to a large extent some of our beloved brothers known as the ‘yahoo yahoo geng’ have focused on exploiting social media as their platform of operations, this calls for more meticulous surfing especially on social media and some tips to keep you a long distance from being hacked.

A quick gist, my younger brother’s Instagram account was hacked some 2 hours ago and i have spent the last one hour trying to recover the account, some how i wasn’t able to but i recovered his old account that was hacked one year ago and apparently the yahoo yahoo guy has been using it to work, lol, i entered and messed everything up and changed the password and verification so he couldn’t log in, epah called me that he was an Instagram detector that i should send him the code sent to my phone😂😂😂😂😂, lol omo you day whine me ni?, well of course i didn’t so he sent me Vn’s talking trash of course, and as a believer that i am, i preached the gospel to him and bid goodbye, good riddance to bad rubbish. To stay safe online, follow these practices:

  1. We should be aware that there are some in built verification modes most social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have built, that everybody should endeavor to verify immediately, it is called “ Two — way — Authentication” , it is easy and very important so that when anything irregular happens to your account, you will be notified with a text message and a code will be sent to you phone
  2. Don’t open Phishing links : phishing links are links sent to you by fraudsters pretending to be legit, for example some one send a link to you using Zenith bank as a cover, they seek to get your details like password, bvn, e.t.c
  3. Never FIll These Three Details On Any Unverified link: Some links are sent to get your details, they can come in as form, maybe a survey form, or an application form, while others come in with hidden codes that gets information by itself from your phone or laptop, regardless, there are three details you must not fill on a tinyurl they are 1: BVN, 2: DATE OF BIRTH,3:ANY PIN/PASSWORD.
  4. Check Your Download Extensions: Every media has an extension name for example music are mostly mp3, videos are mp4, avi etc, and pictures are jpeg,png, these extensions are written at the end of the name starting with a dot, for example, Tiwa savage’s song Attention would be attention.mp3. If you are trying to download a song and you see the words after the dot is not what you know, decline and check again, ask tech guys, if not just chill afterall you won’t die.
  5. HTTPs versus HTTP: Not to bore you with all the technical terms, sites or links have this in front of them, the ones with “s” at the end is secured, the ones without “s” is not secured, though you might have to still browse a lot of unsecured sites, but be sure not to fill in sensitive data.

These steps do not guarantee that you will or can’t be hacked, but it guarantees that your end is fully secured.