People That Keep Diary Are Sadist!!!

I have always had friends that keep diaries and currently we had to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this whole diary things, before you throw stones to my head, just listen to my few points and reason behind this topic.

A diary is a book for keeping track of experiences and events, as good as this would stand, there is a ditch hidden in fine clothes, and it is called ‘unforgiveness’. It is said that we only forgive but cannot forget, well this will be a discussion for another day, you know how hard it is to forgive and forget when you don’t have a record of the wrong, talk more of writing it down and being constantly reminded of the wrong, it makes forgiveness temporary

There is a good side to having a diary, but please try not to include wrong events to your story, or experiences of being hurt else you will tend towards becoming a sadist.

There is another wrong reason people keep diaries, and it is because they want to express their feelings without speaking to someone, this gives them temporal relief, but on the long run, you are constantly reminded of this hurt. See it as you putting down you problems in your bedroom everyday, you are always reminded of this problem before you sleep every night because you have to come to the bedroom for more dumping.

People that do this tends to be introverted, and i guess that is one major reason they keep this, well this is not for all cases because i have seen some extroverted diary keepers.

In conclusion, keeping tabs on your life is great, but don’t keep records of hurts and wrongs for your own good and sanity sake, even God does not keep a record of our sins,we shouldn’t do that to people too. It is possible to forgive fully it is very possible strive to not be a sadist and be joyful.

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